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About Myself

I am not a born traveller.

Travelling is my karma.

Wandering quietly in the woods

Wandering quietly in the woods

Why so…

Yes, I am married to an Olive green. Almost every two years we pack up everything in those black trunks and move to a new place, sometimes to a big city but mostly to remote towns of India.

Initially I used to be quite pissed at this style of living. Cribbed and complained. But soon realized it was better to make the best of what I have (remember those SUPW classes where you were asked to make the best out of wasteJ).

Well, slowly I started loving it and now I can proudly say I am a traveller for I explore the hidden gems in India. I explore these places not as a random tourist who hangs a camera, clicks the touristy spots, explores a bit of hidden areas and then comfortably goes back to his metro city. I stay in these places. Period. I explore the way no one does. I explore for basic needs, I explore to entertain myself, and I explore to survive.

Love to…

I love to read. My Kindle is my best friend. Though, I also have a huge collection of paperback for I can never decide which mode of reading is best. As of now, I am happy reading, anything and everything.

Passionate about…

It is needless to say that I am passionate about blogging. Quite evident, isn’t it?

Can’t stay without…

My gadgets – Laptop, Mobile, Bose music player, Wi-Fi, Kindle, Tablet

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